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Home Buying Tips

Get your Finances in order!

Buying a home in Airdrie or Calgary will likely be one of your largest, most valuable investments so getting your finances in order is one of the most important steps for you to take. You should also know your financial history, as mortgage lenders will be basing their assessment on these reports and will determine the interest rate and other loan terms that they will offer you. Crucial to your home buying success is to become familiar with the mortgage approval process, that way you can decide on which lender is best for your needs. Pre-approval for a mortgage should also be considered, this provides Trenton Pittner with a level of confidence in the process and may help narrow your search.

Increase your market knowledge

The process of buying a home in Airdrie or Calgary will go smoother if you are familiar with the Airdrie and Calgary real estate market. Please take the time to go through Trenton Pittner’s websites at and where you will find all the home listings in the cities of Airdrie and Calgary. These are updated daily and you can even follow your favorite listings for any price changes or new listings that are hitting the market. Looking at several homes and understanding the market will greatly assist in the process of understanding your needs and wants. Rely on Trenton Pittner and his extensive knowledge of the Airdrie and Calgary home and condo market to narrow your search. Don’t be afraid to preview neighborhoods online or by taking a quick drive through the neighborhood to make sure it offers what you require.

Deciding whether or not you want to buy a house in Airdrie or Calgary involves a look at its features, structure, amenities etc, but there are many other topics that are every bit as important to your purchase:

  • Appoint a professional to conduct the home inspection.
  • In addition to the size and fit for you and/or your family, consider its market value and resale potential.
  • Do others have a right to use the property?
  • Is the heating system efficient?
  • Are appliances in good shape?
  • Is there additional maintenance required on the home or yard.

These are but a few questions that you should have answered before making an offer on the home. The home buyer should also be aware of on-going costs such as property taxes, utilities, and home-owner association dues or condo fees (if applicable).

A word of caution to remember is bigger is not always better. The largest home may only appeal to a certain segment of the market and may be more difficult to re-sell, For that reason, it may not hold its value as well as some other, smaller homes in the same neighborhood. It is also important to remember to take emotions out of the home buying process. You will want to base your decision on the knowledge you are getting a great home at a good value. You don’t want to buy the home because you fell in love with the paint colour or a certain feature.

Making the Offer and Closing

There are many rules and regulations in the Airdrie and Calgary real estate market. Trenton Pittner will make sure you are comfortable with the process before fine-tuning the offer and assist in the contractual considerations to be made. The more you can avoid last minute changes the smoother and easier you will find the process. Once an offer is made, be sure to be as accessible as possible - changes requested by the current owner may be time sensitive.

There are many steps involved in the closing of a property, in addition to Trenton Pittner’s guidance, your lender, lawyer and others will be heavily involved in the closing. Ask as many questions as necessary to make yourself comfortable on the entire home buying process. Buying a home is a major investment and you’ll feel much better about the transaction if well informed.