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Why Use A Realtor?

If you're considering selling your Airdrie or Calgary area home soon you may be considering selling on your own in order to save money. While it may be tempting, not everyone has the proper knowledge required to sell their home.

Among other considerations, you have to be familiar with all the legal implications, how to properly market your home, how to price it, and be aware of how much time it will actually take to complete the sale. For many, your home is one of your largest financial investments and it makes good sense to hire a professional. Your realtor will have the experience, the Calgary and Airdrie housing market knowledge and the qualifications to guide you through the process.

Your realtor should be someone that you trust and feel confident will do a good job on your behalf. All Calgary and Airdrie realtors are not equal, they should:

  • know the Airdrie and Calgary home market extremely well,
  • have the latest information on past home sales in Airdrie and Calgary,
  • have the latest information on current home listings in Airdrie and Calgary and
  • have a marketing plan for your home

Setting the Correct Price

Setting the price is one of the most important factors in selling your home. To get the right price we’ll need to compare your property to similar properties nearby that have recently sold.

We’ll do this by downloading recent sales home and condo data in Airdrie and Calgary about properties similar to yours and creating a comparative market analysis. We’ll also need to take into account:

  • any repairs that may need to be done before selling
  • any major renovations to the home
  • how much you need to turn a profit, break even, or buy your next home
  • that you have room to negotiate

Getting Your Home Ready

Your realtor can save you thousand of dollars by providing input on how to properly get your home ready for selling. We know many home selling tips and tricks to make sure your home is ready for prospective buyers and which minor repairs are needed and if required, which renovations will give you the largest return for your money.

Renovations are not always required, but the home should definitely be neat and tidy, odour free and with all features working properly.

Marketing Your Home

When working with Trenton Pittner, a specific marketing plan will be developed for your home which will include your listing presented on Trenton Pittner’s websites, and, and it will also be advertising on Trenton Pittner’s Facebook page as well as in local media in Airdrie and Calgary and included in the MLS® listings.

The MLS® listing system is a widely used tool to sell homes, and reaches millions of prospective home buyers. The system also allows buyers from other provinces to view your home. A detailed description of your home along with the use of professional photographs will be included, as well as property details, price, and tax information.

When you maximize your home’s marketability, you will most likely attract more than one prospective buyer. It is much better to have several buyers because they will compete with each other for your home.

Qualified Buyers and Negotiating the Sale

One of the most overlooked issues of selling your home is not knowing whether you're talking to a qualified buyer.

In other words, you may receive an offer that you are happy with only to find out that the buyer has bad credit and can’t obtain a mortgage or doesn’t have enough cash for the down payment or closing costs.

Trenton Pittner will screen buyers for you to ensure they are pre-approved for a mortgage with a bank or lender to save you time. Once a qualified buyer is found then there is a fair amount of negotiating required to properly close the sale. It’s best to remember the following tips when negotiating:

  • Keep your emotions in check. You’ll definitely have an advantage over those who get caught up emotionally in the situation.
  • Learn why your buyer is motivated. The more you know about your buyers, the better you leverage your negotiating position. As a rule, buyers are looking to purchase the most affordable property for the least amount of money. Knowing what motivates them enables you to negotiate more effectively.

Closing the Sale

To avoid problems, ensure that all terms, costs and responsibilities are spelled out in the contract of sale. It should include such items as the date it was made, names of parties involved, address of property being sold, purchase price, where deposit monies will be held, date for loan approval, date and place of closing, type of deed, include any contingencies that remain to be settled and what personal property is included (or not) in the sale.

Once finalized, try not to deviate from the contract as it could jeopardize the deal.